The love at one sight

Do you believe at love
At first sight
That may be enough
Do you believe that guy
Is poor and has no money
He met her occasionally
She was carrying a heavy
They obstructed each way
She let down the heavy
She screamed at his face
Saying "you have no sight"
He said "you are out
Of time and date
Why are you so fuzzy?
You must steal that piles
As you walk in hurry"
She was rich really
She has a lot of money
Her servants was away
Reaching another heavy
She shouted loudly
"You must be ugly"
The servants came in speed
Saying "we are so sorry
For not  returning you hurry"
She said" look at a guy
Who try to equal mine"
They looked at him ugly
And said "bad and enemy
Poor and need some money
Give him a change to be
Far and go away"
He said "change thieves guys
She must be your leader
Of great robber and burglar"
They said she "is a public
Woman that she is admired"
He said "that is your demand
And also your business"
They said "Please be away"
He said without late
He looked back again
When he was away
He found them puzzled
He returned in speed
And helped them to carry
She smiled at him
Her smile was acute
That his face could not act
As she has not effect
It got mantled and reddened