The meeting

The meeting
They met by a chance
She said" come at once
 Don't make our time lost
Don't make our age waste
Don't make our dream in a past
The time with us
The sun looks to us
It says go for love
Do you hear her voice?
The moon is a jealous
As we are in love
See to that light
That appears at sunrise
Do you hear his wise
Be lover as us
My manner goes bad
If you don't come fast
I prepared all things
To have a lovely lust
He went with her
He entered her home
That is good arranged
The decorate was smart
An it is clear it is the best
They embraced at once
They had long kiss
Then they went to a dinner
That was a well cocked
Then she let for a wine
He said "That is forbidden "
She stood and had a kiss
She forget herself
She said "want to taste
My honey who is good 
It cures from interest"
She take off her cloth
 Slowly to show her beauty
She let his hand
To move as the want
She said"
Do you see my skinny?"
They embraced again
Then they tended to do
What she wanted to do
But she stood suddenly
For separating her cross
That was hanged certainly
By her pearl neck
He said in surprise
Why you did that?
She said in eager
I fear that cross attends that
Bad thing which is fault"
He said in sound
Between  low and loud
Do you mean your god
Will not see that   
If the cross was out
She said in smile
Like the full moon bright
"Certainly yes"
He wore his cloth
He said with surprise
My god is not absence
My god know the past
My god know the attendant
And the future till the last
If you fear of that cross
And it is made metals
That certainly will have a rust
And I don't fair from true god
That mean I must be mad