they saw her

They saw her
They opened their eyes
When they saw her
They stopped of their talks
Their mouths closed
Their eyes glazed
They didn't close
To entertain that scene
To show that rose
To fill with her look
Look after look ,they were dive
In great dream without night
The sun still shines with light
But her light covers all light
The forehead had its shine
The eyes get more rays
And her arrows attack in right
To get the aims without  fail
Without resist without late
All had one the same
All demanded to forgive their hearts
And become very mercy
Who could face her and say?
Who could look to sun with an eye?
Who bear the shine of moon in near?
Who could bear the smile of those pearl?
Tooth that were contained in dear
Mouth that is smart ,beauty and share
The all attract face in gaining the aim
Which are tossed hearts ,that was clear