The woman and the wallet

There is a man in the bank
He comes with his guards and talks
He must be important person for all looks
He takes a great money and walks
There is a woman wears good cloth with beauty look
There was a bad look in her eyes
She walks near the man between his guards
She demonstrates as she will fall
So the man hurry to help her to stand
She gazed at him inside than he didn't expect
He felt with his hand at his heart
Fearing of losing it but it had been done
But he screamed" my wallet had been lost"
The police officer came without any time waste
The man shouted "close all doors"
Searching for my wallet in people who presented
The officer looked for it in their pockets
All were scanning except one
"She" as the officer said "she is not thief"
"I swore with my learning and experience"
"She is an angel or princess"
"Her beauty was clear his beauty shines"
That all the officer said and other words
The man felt as he will lose his wealth
He said to the officer "do your duties without thoughts"
The officer waned to inspected
She knew what will happen what he will touch
He gave him a wallet with no word
The officer arrested her and took out of the hall
The man hurried run and said "she can be safe"
The officer looked and said
"if you get down and forgive her for that fault"
The man looked at her and said "I will under one thing"
"If she returned another thing she took"
She gazed with all beauty made the hearts sang
The man said "if she marries me, I will forgive"
They went to marry to taste the happy