The story beagan

The story began here
The youth saw her
As she passed and walked
He admired her and wanted
To talk, so he followed
Till he knew her home
Once, he knocked the door
Without patient without know
A strong man opened that door
He got in and asked to know
"my uncle I'd like you to know
That I admired your daughter at all
My body and my heart loved in deep
So, I'd like to take her as a wife indeed"
He said "my daughter is younger than thought"
The youth said" I know that but I loved"
His face got very anger
His cheeks became very tumor
He cried" Joan and Lisa "come""
They both come in hurry
Both were child and lady
The strong looked and said
"Which one do you want?"
The youth with kind pointed
To the lady and said "that"
He said" you want to marry that?"
The youth smiled with hesitate
"Yes that had a part in my heart"
"Do you want to marry my sweet honey?"
The strong bit him very hard
That made the woman and girls runs
The youth couldn't run and walk
His face filled of bruises
He deserved that he obeyed his wants
Without any know without ask