Run from my wish

She ordered me to draw her
Or write a poetry about her
Or even write a words showing
How she looks into my eyes
She gave me only two days
I went to library to get books
That tell about draw facts
As I am clever in that arts
I caught the brush and said
That easily that is the best
When I had done that
I compared with her smart
I found my draw is bad
I threw the colors over that
I read every book of love
And remind every poems of love
I called the genius of poems
Then I began to write one
When I remembered her glamour
I torn that poem into pieces
I tried to write an essay
Showing how smart port easily
What made you heart failed easily
As it saw her intelligent and beauty
I can't forget that easily
I will remind her every day  
As she is near mine
As she is by my side
But I compare that with that
Photo that I got it by chance
I found my essay is decay
I threw that into trash
I had run I had rush
I escaped from my wish
To be her hero
To marry that is a wish