Why does the moon absent?

Why does the moon  absent?
She must be tired of faces
She decided to be absent
To get what she is worth
To know how she evaluates
As she tired of looking down
She tired of seeing the earth
She tired of looking to the face
Who hate himself and his kind
She tried to plant the useful
She tried to tell about  the help
She announced about the peace
She must fly at the sky
Fly between the stars
Gazing between their shiny
Playing with the others moons
Chasing ,running  and  soon
They all stayed around the sun
Getting more beauty ,getting more smart
And they fly through the sky
Touching the pearls touching the stars
She must hear her heart
Calling her ,saying the fact
What do you gain of love on the earth?
But in the sky ,you will be the star
You will find your same
Smart and attract as you dream
Why does the moon  absent?