Move ,move ,move

Move ,move ,move

Don't stand

You may be lost

Don't do the worst

The all will neglect you

Do the aim at your sight

You can do it

Even it is high

Obey your God

Do what he wants

Obey his orders

Pray to him every time

Get up at night

Ask him what you want

You want be rich

To help poor persons

From poverty that catch

Their hand to what they want

Ask him to be strong

To defend against the bully

That wants destroy every good

And you will look as soppy

You want to be smart

And gain every good

And invent good thing

That achieved by your think

Ask him what you want

The God gets down the sky of world

At the last third time of the night

Saying to all creatures

Who wants to be helped?

Who wants to be rich?

Who wants to be strong?

Who wants to be important?

I will give every one what he wanted?

If it is good to the world

Our God is more merciful

Our god is more prudent

Our God helps every one