the lover

the lover

Did you know about the hero

Did you know about the news

Did you know about the games

Did you see the thieves

Who convert the mother to bad

Who makes it fall to land

See every thing was been unworthy

The woman was cried

She called her sons to save her

Her sons were arrested

They can't say know

If one say know he will not see the sun again

The brave was been disappeared

The fear had been appeared

It has more nails

It has more legs

And his arms were long

No one can't say something

She was cried with full eyes

The god hear her cries

The youth moved to the park

Eltahrir is the park

Egypt change her clothes

The youth appear crying

They stood against the killers

They stood against the tankers

The police wants to destroy all shouters

And the god was with the younger

Egypt is now free

Egypt is cultivating the seed

It will be green