The cocky girl 3

She was not helping anyone She was not looking for poor She talked as they talked They are neglected They are deserved not to lived As the life liked the strong She dealt them as insect And she was trapped She was tied The terror was found Looking with its nails The wolf was in He wore her manager He looked and laughed He said,”Your are trapped Like as the slave I could do what I want And surely what you want I will tear your clothes And get you naked He came with full want He came and get off his clothes He came with great force The woman was very frightened She tried to be untied She tried to scream As she knew his doing She thought fro a moment She thought and got her power She imitated that she wanted More than he wanted When he got off the stick Out of her mouth She gave him a warm kiss He felt as he was a bird Flying over green farms And looking at more flowers Filling of several colors And have brilliant smells He became very naked He tried to get steps And tied with her heart She loved and smiled With red face and lips The shame hide her power But she was still remarking The man was a devil He wanted to hurt She said with small laughter “I couldn’t do this As I am tied” He smiled and laughed And turned around her He looked like he was a proud And showed her his beauty muscles He wanted he to get amused By looking at his power And looking at what men hide So he walked as the cock When he wanted love with his hen She laughed with a smooth Laughter the waves of fresh waters Struck the dead land And getting it up From long sleep or dead That made his heart dance His body was full of power He felt as he was a Kaiser Who bet the Persians And got the most beautiful Girl to be his mistress Or like the king Kasri Who bet his enemy And arrested the most beaut He made her naked And crawled as the snake The king was laughing So he wanted to untie And get her in moments Outside were his men sitting Waiting their turn To share that feast The poor boy was passed Occasionally or the fate Sent him at that time He asked for food Or money to get His family fed They get him out They looked with sharp Their eyes were as weapons Carrying harm shot The boy disappeared And ran as he could They laughed to his run As he run and fell He was hide Out of any look The man tied her And touched his beauty He moved his finger As he sensed the smart pattern Or to get every span of her beauty To be in his chest To water his thirsty And feed his hungry