The hulk

There was a giant
At night he appeared
The hearts filled with fear
The eyes got more tear
No one can got out from his house after dark
They said there was a hulk
That takes a soul from any one
The town was completely silent
No can immigrate from it at any moment
The giant shouted tell the hearts trembled
All men get into their bodies and women dumb
They all covered the mouths of their kinder
The sheriff and the police can't walk
The giant said his talk
Suddenly there was a strange
She was a pretty girl in good bearing
She was calling her lover
He left her and immigrated
She said "she had made a big mistake"
If you return I listen to your talk
I will let my hurt is your slave
You must forgive me my love
The giant appeared as tough
He took her with one hand gruff
The girl looked very fear
The fear showed her very fair